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MR. BILLY WU completed the purchase of all Hitachi Cable (Taiwan) shares. Now manufacturing UV-C light solutions certified by the SGS to kill deadly germs and viruses, and tested by Boston University Laboratory to kill COVID virus and other harmful pathogens! Harsh chemical and toxic waste-free sanitizing solutions are being developed jointly with Greener Cleaner Solutions, a US company, and Billy’s advanced R&D and high-quality production facilities in Taiwan. MR. BILLY WU, Billy Wu, Chairman of Lee-Tech and Giga Epitaxial Corp. has over 40 years of extensive experience in the innovation and manufacture of computer wafers, chipsets, LEDs, solar panels, ultra-violet lights, and multitude of products serving B-to-B markets of leading name brand companies in Europe, Asia and the Americas.



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CEO of Greener Cleaner Solutions LLC (GCS) of Phoenix Arizona is announcing the strategic alliance between GCS and Lee-Tech, a company based in Taiwan and a leader in engineering, and manufacturing of wide range of innovative technologies. The long-standing relationship of these two companies spans over 3 decades, has resulted in a profitable partnership and carved a niche in California’s Silicon Valley, Taiwan, Japan and Germany since the early 1980s. MR. GREG DeLANNOY, GCS will spearhead the marketing efforts primarily in the established markets of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. GCS is focused on personal and commercial applications in the eradication of germs and viruses, using tested and certified technology to stop the spread of infections and viral outbreaks of these deadly diseases, such as Covid-19. The market potential of the above-mentioned countries is estimated to be US$ 119 million at a 3% market share. Solutions for hand-held and floor sanitizers, paper-money counter sanitizers and solutions for the air in commercial/residential buildings are also available

Go to for more information and pricing for these chemical-free germ and virus killing solutions. Ask about income opportunities of being a distributor and share in the future revenues of GCS by buying the limited, Initial License Offerings available at

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