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Medical Professional



Wearing Masks in Office

GCS is a pioneer adopter of greener and cleaner technologies that are specifically designed to improve human quality of life, and leave the planet in better condition than when we got here. In order to make this work we knew we’d have to provide a trinity solution that is better, less expensive, and healthy for the planet and mankind alike. So, we accepted the challenge and developed a line of Ultra-Violet light products in wavelengths between 200 – 280 nanometers (UVC) to kill all forms of harmful pathogens after only a few seconds of contact with the device. To take it a step further, we underwent thousands of hours and dollars of testing with the SGS (world's authority in Inspection, Testing, Certification and Verification) in order to prove that our product performs as advertised.

Medical Tablet

OUR MISSION at GCS is to prevent unnecessary illnesses and/or deaths caused by deadly germs and viruses. We accomplish this by inventing and manufacturing high-tech, medical-grade products specifically designed to kill them on contact.

People with Masks

OUR VISION at GCS, we see a world that is greener, cleaner and safer for everyone in it.  A world where no one you care about becomes ill and/or dies if it could have been prevented.  GCS is committed to doing its part by providing the necessary products and services, so every home, WORLDWIDE, can be 99% germ/virus free.

Student with Mask

Why we created this product?


"We invented the GermTEK MG-59 to help our own families stay healthy - My father suffers from a weakened immune system - We knew that people with underlying illnesses, kids, and the elderly are at a greater risk of getting sick from germs and viruses.


It was 2018 when we first thought about creating it, well before the schools in Colorado shut down because of a virus, well before the COVID-19 pandemic began; we just wanted to keep our own families healthy, but we take great pride in knowing that the same device made to protect our own families, will help more families around the world during these difficult times."





100% de satisfacción del cliente

Product tested and verified by SGS

The world's authority in Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification.

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